Our First application for the iPhone iOS has been launched and is being downloaded from the iTunes store worldwide. This application was created to help card lovers manage their trix game score without having to worry about miscalculations or errors. It is very easy and quick to use, say good bye to the pen and paper.

With this application, users can:

  1. Calculate for Trix complex, normal trix, partners and singles.
  2. Keep a history log of all the results/scores of games you played, this will come in handy to prove whose been winning.
  3. Save progress and resume where you left of.

More features are being worked on and should be added soon, but in the meantime please let us know if you have any comments or feedback on the app.

This application has managed to receive over 10,000  downloads worldwide, are you using it? You can download the app here or visit the application’s website at www.trixcalculator.com.

If you have any comments regarding our application please feel free to tell us about it on our contact page.